Pay Per Click Advertising

What is PPC?

Looking for a reliable way to increase profit for your business?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model where advertisers pay for traffic to their site, but they only pay per click. PPC uses search engine advertising to drive traffic to your site. This kind of advertising allows your business to get a steady and measurable amount of quality traffic to your website. We utilize tools like Google AdWords and keyword research to ensure that we plan and execute the most effective PPC campaign tailored perfectly to your specific business.

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It works like this.

Your ad is “sponsored” on a search engine. Every time a potential customer clicks on that sponsored link, you pay a fee to the search engine. PPC, hypothetically, can get pretty pricey. But, if everything is set up correct and you are strategic and precise in choosing your keywords, the potential for a hefty ROI is extraordinary.

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PPC Management Services

Google Adwords is the most popular and successful PPC network. Leads come quicker and better through Google Adwords than anything else. Without proper training, it’s likely that you will waste money very quickly; that’s where we come in.

Facebook Ads are another way to get your brand or product out. Facebook makes it easy to target your demographic within millions of people (for a small price) and create ads that are engaging and help create revenue.

What Makes A Good PPC Campaign?

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KEYWORD TARGETINGlmx-ppc2 Pay Per Click
We make sure we find the right keywords to target for your business. It’s important to have something that drives potential customers to your page and it’s even more important that this is done cost effectively. We’ll save you money by finding the words that will bring the most relevant traffic to your landing page.

Your business reaching its full potential is our main goal. We’ll help you get there by doing things like comparing your keywords with your competition, finding the most cost-effective keywords in your industry and learning what makes them engage your customers.

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An attractive landing page is essential when you’re advertising online. Including an engaging call to action increases your opportunity to convert your website traffic into profit.

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We work consistently on your campaign, discovering new ways to get your business ranked better. We do A/B testing, follow trends, and monitor the success of your keywords. The campaign doesn’t end when the keywords are chosen.

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Remarketing is the act of “following-up” with potential customers who have left your site without making any purchases or interactions. We specifically target these customers through ads and banners so they come back to your site and make that purchase they were originally there for.

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We will walk you through the reporting stage of a PPC campaign. We’ll make sure you’re never overwhelmed by numbers or graphs. Knowledge is power, know what’s working for your business and what’s not.

Why Pay-Per-Click?

Speed & Effectiveness

You’re able to see exactly how well your campaigns are performing. Success with PPC starts right away. Traffic is guided to your site instantaneously after choosing your keywords. This is good for two reasons. One, you start making money quickly. Secondly, you’re able to see in real time what keywords are successful. This makes it very easy for you to learn which keywords work and which don’t.


You can ensure that your business is listed high because you set your own budget. Results from PPC are guaranteed. That can’t be said about too many other advertising options; but, you will always get what you pay for when it comes to PPC.

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If you’re looking to increase customers, traffic to your site, and ultimately increase your cash flow look no further than PPC. LocalMaxx can help you get the most out of your PPC and help get your name on the 1st page of top search sites.