The Magic of Leave-Behinds: Leaving Lasting Impressions

We’ve all seen them. More than likely, you have several in your house. Take a look around. How many pens do you have bearing a company logo or slogan? Keychains? How many business cards to you carry around in your wallet or purse? If you’ve been to a career fair, then you’ve seen these items put to good use in a variety of ways, such as a dentist handing out toothbrushes with their clinic’s names or stress balls branded by a logo. Marketing Leave-Behinds like these are a great way to give your client something fun or useful while also opening the door for potential business.

What, exactly, is a Marketing Leave-Behind?

Leave-Behinds are a large category of items, from promotional items like pens and silicone bracelets to standard advertising materials like business cards and brochures. Think of it like this: A marketing leave-behind is something you leave behind with a potential client to market your business or services. They can be fun or functional; the purpose is to get your name out there and make sure your potential client can follow up with you when they require your services.

A few key questions to consider are whether the item is functional or aesthetic and whether it represents your business well. You also need to consider to whom you are advertising.

As Any Good Researcher Would Ask: Who, What, When, Where, How?


Potential Clients


Leave-Behinds that fit your brand and leave a lasting impression. From car dice advising against gambling on marketing to pens serving a purpose while promoting a message, the possibilities are endless. Business Cards are a must-have for any worker, especially freelance or corporate-level, but sticky notes with a logo are something that your potential client is sure to us. Whenever they write a note, the pad keeps your business fresh in their mind.


Whenever you come in contact with potential clients, whether at an event or a one-on-one encounter. You can always carry a few with you for a chance encounter!


Conventions. Networking Meetups. Business Card Billboards. Local Business Counters. On your person. Meetings. Interviews. Marketing Leave-Behinds apply to several situations and locations, meaning you can promote your business in many ways and expand your clientele easily.


You can pass a business card at introduction or display your wares on a table. Make a “goody bag” for people interested in your business at a convention. Perhaps you are eating out— many family-friendly restaurants let you pin a business card on their billboard. Keep a few pens on you to loan someone patting their pockets to write a note. Rent a booth at an event and pass out items. The sky is the limit— and even then, you can pass out balloons!

Find What Suits You

Now that you know what Marketing Leave-Behinds are, it’s time to start thinking about what might fit your business and image. Below are some ideas from the three most popular categories of leave-behinds.

Business Cards

A staple in the career community. Business Cards are a recognizable and easy way to get your information out there. However, just because the item is known doesn’t mean it has to be standard. Find a business card that fits you, your brand, and your business. From magnetic cards to cards made from recyclable materials, options about to create a card that’s as unique as you. More options include holographic cards, rounded corners, vertical cards, cards printed on pearlescent paper, and cards with raised ink or embossed seals.

Promotional Products

Perhaps the most varied of subcategories, promotional products include almost anything on which you can put a brand or slogan. Pens with built-in styluses, stress balls, rubber duckies, USB drives, apparel, mugs — to name a few! Going to be at an outdoor festival? Hand out water bottles with custom-printed labels. Are you doing some work in a café or a bookstore? Use a custom mouse pad to advertise while you work. Are you advertising at a college orientation week? T-shirts, coffee mugs, pens and sticky note pads are great items for new students.

Flyers and Brochures

Printed handouts like one-page flyers and tri-fold brochures are a good way to pass on more information about your business. These go beyond the contact information of business cards to go into your company’s mission, offered services, or any other pertinent information. Customization can help your brochure stand out from others; find a design that fits your brand, and stick to it.

The Next Step

You now know what they are and how to use them. It’s time to find the Marketing Leave-Behind that works for you! Whether a freelancer, small business, or large corporations, you can never go amiss with good advertising. And remember, you don’t need to stick to one alone — a good combination of leave-behinds can address various situations and clientele types. If you’re interested in learning more, contact LocalMaxx today for a free consultation.

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