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Advertising on Facebook – is it as effective as I’ve heard?

When it comes to paid advertising online, you only have two MAJOR options: Facebook Ads and AdWords. Which one is better? There’s no universal answer to that question. The only way to decide which platform is a better fit for you is by defining your needs as clearly as possible and testing your offers on […]

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Social Media Management tips and tricks

In June 2017, Facebook’s monthly user count passed the two billion mark — that’s over 1/4 of the global population. Social media as a whole is growing at a tremendous pace, and more businesses are starting to take notice of its potential in the advertising world. As the number of social media users continues to […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essentially the process of leading people to your office, store, website or blog through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. In the past, social media was used primarily as a way for people to communicate with each other and stay updated with what’s going on in their […]

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Why is Social Media Important for Small Businesses?

Social media marketing is considered the “next big thing.” Sure, there are some entrepreneurs who still think of it as a passing marketing interest. But the numbers paint an entirely different picture. In fact, according to Social Media Examiner, an estimated 97% of marketers are using social media for their marketing campaigns. Advantages of Using […]

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Using Twitter to Market Your Small Business

In the latter part of 2013, Twitter had over 232 million active users each month, majority of which lived in the U.S. In 2015, this number grew to 300 million. Although Twitter is no longer as widely used as Facebook, it is still a very powerful marketing tool. So if you have a small business, […]

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Using Instagram to Market Your Small Business

Instagram currently has over 400 million users. So it’s not surprising that it has become a way for businesses to connect with people. While majority of those who use this social platform are teens and college students, there are also people from all age groups who are using it. There is definitely a big opportunity […]

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What to Expect for Social Media in 2017

If you own a business, then you probably know how important social media marketing is. A lot of businesses of all sizes have tapped social networks like Facebook and Instagram to reach their audience and interact with them. Social media has been around for a decade and it continues to make an impact in everyone’s […]

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Is Facebook an Effective Tool for Social Media Marketing?

Facebook has established itself as the #1 social networking website and it continues to give a wealth of benefits for businesses. If you have not yet thought about the marketing opportunities you can have with Facebook, consider the following points: 1. Facebook advertising is less costly compared to other forms of advertising. For small and […]

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