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Easily Find The Images You Need To Make Your Posts Pop

Post any images on social media recently? You might’ve spent more time than you wanted searching for the perfect image to go along with you post. Image posts get 179% more interactions than text only posts. A no-brainer for trying to convert some of your social media audience into customers. Finding the right image and […]

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Easily Create Entertaining Videos for Promotions

Video content is shared on Facebook more than any other post type, averaging 89.5 shares per video. Creating a video to promote your golf course seems difficult or unapproachable if you don’t have experience. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you find a decent tool to help. One such tool we’ve found is PowToon. […]

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Tools Tuesday: Cut Social Media Management Time by 90 Percent

If you’re not already using DrumUp to save time on social media management, we highly recommend it. Login with any of your social media accounts, and choose keywords relevant to golf/golf courses. At this point, it gets nuts. DrumUp comes back with articles, videos, etc. (content relevant to golf courses) for you to post on […]

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More Time for Social Media Engagement

Part of monetizing social media for your business is keeping your audience interested with content; part of it is engaging with customers and prospects. The engagement part is really where you want to spend a lot of time. People like to talk about good experiences. Doing something as simple as asking a customer about their […]

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Up Social Media Activity with Hootsuite

  What stands in the way of your golf course having success with social media? The short answer to this question is staying active – posting like crazy! Hootsuite can help you do just that, and it doesn’t’ cost anything. It will let you integrate all your social media accounts into one hub. There’s a […]

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