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April Roundup: 15 of our Favorite Productivity Tips

Happy Friday! Where did April go? It has just flown by. As the week/month comes to a close, it’s always good to reflect on what you got done and see how far away you are from accomplishing your goals. Which got us thinking — how about we make our April roundup post about our favorite productivity […]

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Advertising on Facebook – is it as effective as I’ve heard?

When it comes to paid advertising online, you only have two MAJOR options: Facebook Ads and AdWords. Which one is better? There’s no universal answer to that question. The only way to decide which platform is a better fit for you is by defining your needs as clearly as possible and testing your offers on […]

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Social Media Management tips and tricks

In June 2017, Facebook’s monthly user count passed the two billion mark — that’s over 1/4 of the global population. Social media as a whole is growing at a tremendous pace, and more businesses are starting to take notice of its potential in the advertising world. As the number of social media users continues to […]

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Importance of Analytics for Businesses Big and Small

For most businesses, the top priority is offering valuable products and services to their consumers. The best way to do this is to stay ahead of their competition and keep innovating. In the past, companies would use flawed, time-consuming models to gauge how their businesses are performing. That said, as we step into the era […]

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Why should I have a newsletter? Who cares what I’m up to?

When it comes to marketing campaigns, a newsletter isn’t likely the first idea that comes to mind. However, despite its reputation as a “boring” or antiquated tool, newsletters can offer a unique way to connect, communicate with and sell to, your customer base. Heck, you might already have a newsletter you send out each month […]

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