Blog Now Or Blog Later?

Blogging is a multi-million dollar industry that expands to every industry, each area of life. To put it quite bluntly, if your business does not blog, it doesn’t exist. Blogs are tools that businesses use to increase online exposure and establish and maintain good relationships with customers. If you are considering blogging for business purposes, yet you are still not entirely convinced if you should invest in it, we will give you the reasons why you should start a blog even today.

Directly Influence Your Website SEO – In A Good Way

One of the most important tools for SEO is blogging. It is a commonly known truth that content is the king and it should never be overlooked for SEO purposes.

If you type your business’ name on Google, your website will come up; you know that, and your existing customers are already aware of that. However, in order to expand and generate more sales, you need new customers, and they usually search by keywords. This is why carefully planned, and executed optimization will help your business blog appear in searches and get in front of your potential customers.

Think of blog posts as long-term investments. Well-written posts will generate views and even leads that can later turn into sales. Even if you get 30 views a day on average, over the course of 30 days, that’s 900 views. Your blog post will start to rank on the targeted keywords in search engine results. The next thing you know, you are getting more organic visitors, each of them being a potential client.

Even months later after you have forgotten about a post you published, it will still generate traffic and leads if it ranked well in search engine results.

Generate Leads Through Social Media

It is no secret that social media is the place where businesses engage with customers and direct them to a website, in order to increase sales. Your customers are already out there, so it’s time for you to reach out to them.

If you create high quality and engaging blog posts and share them on social media, people can interact with your brand and share the articles further! People who have read your blog posts might also comment on your posts and express their opinion, which is a perfect opportunity to interact with them and build a web of loyal customers.

On top of that, social media is the channel that has the most user frequency. A person might not be interested in your blog post “Crafty Ideas to Decorate Your Home” to the extent that they will go searching for it, but faced with the fact that it came up on their newsfeed, they might just go read it out of curiosity, even though they have no intention to redecorate their house.

Convert Traffic Into Sales

Let’s suppose that you are a professional makeup artist. You started publishing blog posts, sharing ideas with customers and giving them tips on how to do their makeup at home. Some might think that this is not a good idea because why would you give away your professional secrets, right? Well, this is actually only one side of the story. The truth of the matter is if you decide to keep your tips hidden from the public, your potential customers might be out there, but you are not making an effort to capture their attention. There are plenty of other professional makeup artists who are already sharing their tips via blog posts. So if you don’t give your existing and potential customers actionable information they can use, they will just go to other websites that do. Your business loses potential customers.

But if you have a blog that has high-quality articles and applicable techniques, people who have searched for makeup tips might stumble upon it and read it. They may use the tips you gave them and like how easy you are making it for them. They will be back for more; they might even bookmark your blog and come back regularly for new information. And when they need a professional service, for an important occasion, they will not think twice and reach out to you for that. This is how today’s online customers act, and this trend is growing. In fact, it is estimated that 6 out of 10 people in the U.S. made a purchasing decision based on information they read on blogs.

Use the blog posts to showcase your work together with some good tips that provide value to customers. Of course, not all of the people who visit your website will become customers, but even if 5% do, it’s still better than completely missing the opportunity by not having your own blog. Even those people who only read your blog posts without becoming customers are providing value to your website – your website gains authority and trust, SEO is being improved directly, and the visibility of your website is being increased so people who are looking for a professional artist will find you easily.

It is an understatement to say that having a blog on your website is important. Websites can be static since there is not a lot of room for changing the main content about your business’s mission or the ideology behind your brand. However, blog posts can provide a breath of fresh air that will give customers something new to read every time they come back.

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