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why-outsource-3 Why Outsource?When you implement a marketing strategy, you want to ensure that you obtain a strong return on investment so that you can bring in the most possible business for your company. The task of juggling social media, press releases, content creation, and search engine optimization just are not easy tasks when you are already putting in 60+ hours a week handling your company’s business. A marketing plan requires all of this, plus market research and the development of everything from brochures to newsletters to websites, including taking on traditional advertising and new fields such as social media platforms.

That’s why you need a dependable, experienced team to help your company stay ahead of the competition, someone who can develop and implement marketing goals and strategies that match your vision for the future. At LocalMaxx, we work with you and your team to determine key performance indicators that take your brand to the next level by increasing reach, lead generation, and ultimately sales.

This ranges from market research and development to scheduling and tracking of brochures, newsletters, and traditional advertising, and social media marketing.


why-outsource-5 Why Outsource?

why-outsource-6-1024x387 Why Outsource?

We offer you an individualized marketing plan that takes your business’s unique needs and specialties into account.

We have years of education and experience and are innovative in our field to help give your business the boost it needs.

We optimize our service plans so that you can be assured that you’re getting a personalized program from a full-service marketing team!

It just makes more sense to outsource your marketing plan to a professional firm that is passionate about what you are trying to accomplish.

We are different from other marketing firms because we realize that a “cookie-cutter” attitude won’t work for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all plan for any business. Each business has its own needs and its own specialty areas, which is why we tailor your plan to fit those needs.

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Our virtual team is a fun, eclectic mix of marketing pundits, subject matter experts, search engine marketing mavens, passionate website designers, social media whizzes, imaginative graphic designers and crafty writers. Spread across the continent, from Mid-West to the East Coast and down South, we’ve teamed up time and time again to craft compelling campaigns aligned to each client’s story, personality, and purpose. Our focus is always outstanding results with the highest impact.

And while we’re the best when it comes to holding virtual meetings, we‘re happy to hop
on a plane and meet our clients in person too.

What-We-Believe_1 Why Outsource?

why-outsource-8-1024x725 Why Outsource?

We return calls, attend meetings, and maintain a clear and open schedule so you understand what work is in progress and when it will be completed.

We’re up front on how we charge, we’ll tell you if we are unable to do something, and we work to streamline our process so you will always know who to compliment (or blame!) when a project is complete.

We believe in working with you as a team. To put it simply, we play well with others.

We always try our hardest. We believe in excellence and take pride in producing quality creative work.

We believe in relationships. We value our clients and services we provide will reflect that value.

LocalMaxx is a team of creative folks who love what they do. Who are we? We’re savvy marketers, on-line community builders, and problem solvers who know how to craft messages and build brands that achieve high-impact results all while growing audiences. We are full-service online marketing and digital PR firm and have assisted clients around the world and across industries to craft strategic brands. Let’s just say when we say full-service we mean it.

Outsourcing your marketing team is a big decision for any company. Let us get to truly know and understand your company and its needs so we can make the right choice for the future growth of your company. When you put your organization into our hands, we’ll be the marketing department that brings results.

It’s Risk-Free. That’s A Promise.


Our clients are either monthly or quarterly clients where we handle all aspects of their communication needs for a pre-established fee. Services we offer our clients include, but are not limited to, preparing sales presentations, updating employee manuals, and creating and maintaining a dynamic private or public website. Periodic work also includes distributing public relations materials, creating required regulatory documents (SEC, HR, etc.), preparing specialty trade show materials, and continuous search engine optimization on public websites such as Google or Yahoo.

We won’t give you the run-around.

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